Top 4 Creative Uses for Eggs

If you love eating omelets, then I guess that it would be interesting for you to find out that eggs can be used for other purposes, too. Yes, eggs have a few creative uses that every home owner should learn to get advantage of them. Eggs can be used not only for eating, but for other things such as growing seedlings, cleaning, fertilizing plants, etc. And to learn all 4 creative uses for eggs, take a look at the next lines.

If you are cleaning your fridge right now and there are a few spoiled eggs, do not throw them away! In the next lines, I will explain you how to use the expired eggs for good purposes. Just read on.

1. Use eggs to clean your disposal. Believe it or not my friends from Housekeepers London gave me this idea. For this task you need to place one or two eggs down your disposal. The secret is that the sharp shells will clean the blades very effectively.

2. Use eggs to grow seedlings. Take a few spoiled eggs and break them so that you leave 2/3 of the bottom of the shell whole. Then just rinse the shells out with clean water. Use a pushpin to make a hole in the bottom of the shells. Now, you need to fill each of the shells with soil and plant the seeds in the shells. Put the shells back in the carton. When the seeds are ready to plant, you have to put them into the ground along with the shells. The last ones will work as fertilizer.

3. Clean your pots and pans by scrubbing them with crushed eggshells. The crushed eggshells will act like steel wool.

4. The following one is a great idea that the first time when I heard it I thought “Insane!” Improve the taste of your morning coffee by adding a few crushed eggshells to your coffee before brewing. Believe it or not you coffee will have a better taste. I’ve already test this “cowboy trick” and it is really working.

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