Top 3 Tips in Carpet Care

Clearing the decks before vacuuming any carpet is a drag, but extremely worthwhile. It is amazing how quickly you can shrink a room by simply lining the walls with piles of books, magazines and other bits and pieces. Cleaning right up to the edge of a room at least once a week is vital if you want to keep mites and vermin at bay. Mice, in particular, will hug the edges of rooms and find ways in and out through corners and gaps in the floorboards. So do not neglect that undisturbed run behind the sofa.
Here, in this article carpet cleaning London experts share the top 3 tips in carpet care that you need to keep in mind when performing a throughout cleaning.
1. A daily run over your carpet with the vacuum cleaner will keep dust and mites at a minimum and help protect a short-pile carpet from scuffs and marks. Empty your vacuum regularly and change any filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep it working efficiently.
2. Regular, gentle vacuuming is vital to keep long-pile carpeting looking at its best, as even light spills can turn a dusty, shaggy carpet into a muddy swamp.
3. The lighter your carpet, the more it will show scuff marks from rubber heels or damage from stilettos (is it is short-pile), or trapped dirt and mud (if it is long-pile), so encourage everyone to leave their shoes at the front or back door, where possible.
What is the difference between short-pile and long-pile carpets? Carpet cleaning specialists say the following:
Short-pile carpets look sleek and although stains and marks will show, they are easy to clean. They are ideal if you want the comfort of a carpet in a busy room such as lounge. Light-coloured carpets can show stains easily, but, on the upside, absorbent powder cleaners, which are sprinkled on and then vacuumed up, will cope with on-the-spot stains, and home shampoos are easy and effective.
Long-pile carpets absorb stains well, but should be limited to rooms where activity is at a minimum (adult bedrooms or quiet reception rooms). Long pile is not a good idea in kitchens, bathrooms or children’s rooms. Powder shampoos will not penetrate long-pile and are difficult to vacuum out. Home shampooing is possible but is heavy going and takes long time to dry.

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