Top 10 Window Cleaning Tips

Is it possible to clean your windows effectively? If you hire professional cleaning services you will feel sorry, because after two or three days it will be rainy again. To avoid this, I will share with you some good tips, about how to keep your windows clean, longer.

The first and most important thing is that you have to stop touching the windows. I know, that it will be very hard if you have small kids.

The second thing is to hire end of lease cleaning Sydney, because they offer rain guarantee. This is very useful and I don’t know other company, which provide that kind of services. If it gets rainy, the cleaning company will be back and re-clean your windows.

The third thing is to use a special product, it will prevent the water from remaining on the windows. When you apply it on the window, the water will wash the dirt.

The fourth thing is to keep your blinds clean. It is good to do it at least once per two weeks.

The fifth thing is to stop smoking! This will help you for your health and will keep the windows clean longer.

The sixth thing is to keep fresh the air in your home. It contains so much dirt and other particles. And for sure they stick to your window. So, if you have a new air fresher it will prevent the particles.

The seventh thing is very useful and a little strange. When your window is too clean, the birds can hit it, because they don’t see it. So, you can mark the window with something.

The eight thing: it is good to keep the trees away from your windows.

The ninth thing: if you have a sprinkle system and the water falls on the windows, you have to stop that. Otherwise, it will be very hard to clean your windows. And you have to hire home cleaning Sydney.

The last one: perform the nine tips above!

Do you like the tips? I hope that they are very useful for you and you can abide them without any problems.

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