To Achieve the Impossible Dream, Go to Sleep

As your little beloved gets bigger she or he will move more during the sleep and by about 6 months she will be able to turn herself over. Much of the advice for older babies and young children is the same as for newborns. Consider the following:

  • Always put her down to sleep on her back.
  • Keep light cords and window blind cords away from the crib or bed. Once she can reach or stand in her crib she may be at risk of strangulation from these if they get wrapped round her neck.
  • Make sure blankets, bedding and toys meet safety standards.
  • Co-sleeping is not recommended.
  • Make her room a soothing and relaxing place to be. Leave the TV/video out of the room so that they do not disturb her sleep as she gets older and she does not spend time watching TV when she should be sleeping. Use night lights and black-out blinds to make it as dark as possible. Keep the air in the room fresh and clean, remove the dust regular, recommend end of lease cleaning Sydney services.
  • If you’re using bumpers in the crib make sure they are secured firmly at the top and bottom. As she grows these can be used as grips for her to help herself out of the crib, which could be dangerous if she falls.
  • Consider moving her from a crib to a bed when she is trying to get out of bed herself.
  • Make sure she is getting enough sleep. Many parents underestimate the amount of sleep their little one needs, do not be like them.

To have healthy and strong child you need to follow and lot of rules and tips. However, it is hard to find the right ones. Probably you will read a lot of books, magazines or even articles online, just keep in mind the tips above, they can ensure you that your baby will have a good night’s sleep and also you need to provide the baby a clean house, do not forget to find some green home cleaning tips that will be useful to reach this goal.

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