‘Do you run track for your school?’ the old man asks from his hospital bed. The nurse smiles and leans towards him. In a loud, articulate voice she replies: ‘You better have higher standards than to let students give you injections and change your dressings…’ He smiles and tells her the story about his son, the one who ran the Boston marathon a few years before. ‘He lost all his toenails running that race and ran it in under 6 hours’.

The man was confused but improving day by day. He was getting stronger and complaining of less pain at his incision site, he was able to tolerate his meals without feeling sick. Today he was able to remember his son’s name, so perhaps this is why his mind wasn’t so focused on who was taking care of him and what their credentials were. ‘I thought that because you were so fast’. Now she wasn’t sure if she should take what he said as a compliment or if she should slow down. She decided to sit with him for a while.

He still needed a lot of help to eat since his dominant arm was in a sling and his left side was weak as a result of a fall the previous winter. As she fed him, he told her about his time in the war, when and how he met his wife. They had two sons, owned a small house in the country and shared 50 years of marriage before she passed away. ‘I used to swear she was following me around after she went, and I still don’t know if it was real or in my head.’ She was impressed by how much he was able to recall now after being so disoriented only days before, and these sorts of stories always made her tear up. It made her feel thankful for the youth she still had with her husband and young children. In fact the man’s condition and life moved her some much she went on the net as soon as she got home that evening and looked Drayton Manor Hotel Deals and Alton Towers Hotel Deals. She wanted to take her whole family on holiday as a silent thank you to… fate… She was not religious.

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