The Worst After Party Stains

Parties are a wonderful way, not to say the best, for having fun. They sometimes go out of control, though, which leads to a lot of cleaning problems for the host of the party. In fact, after-party cleaning is probably the worst thing you can face after a wild night. But do you know which are the worst after party stains?

Here is a short list of spots, which according to a professional cleaner London are the worst to deal with after a party:

  • Food and alcohol stains – these discolourations are not that hard for removing, but just if you know what they are from. Different food and beverage spots have to be treated with different detergents. If you treat red wine stains, for example, with a detergent which is for blood stains, you might ruin the garment that you’re cleaning. So, be careful!
  • Blood stains – these are some of the most stubborn stains known. Their stubbornness is not the only thing that makes them so bad, though. Imagine how will you react if you see a huge blood spot on your carpet after a wild night in your place, and you don’t remember anything? You’ll probably panic and start calling everyone who was on the party to ask if they are OK.
  • Vomit stains – the most awful spots that you might have to deal with after a party, especially if they have remained on your carpet or sofa for a night. These discolourations are mildly said disgusting. They smell awful, they look awful, even deep cleaning services providers avoid dealing with them.

So, if you intend to have a party in your place, be careful not to lose control over it. You won’t be happy if you find any of the above discolourations on your furniture or clothes. And if an accident happens, anyway, ask the person who is responsible for the mess to clean it.

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