The Versatility of Baking Soda 1

We all know the common uses of baking soda in the kitchen, but there are some more that are not so common. Over the years, this white powder recipe ingredient become famous for more that just a cooking product. In this article you can find some of the internal and external ways you can use this cheap staple.

To make an effective polishing paste for teeth, you need to add baking soda to a wet toothbrush. This will help you to remove stains on teeth because of the fact that it is slightly abrasive and the cleansing properties that the baking soda has. In case the you want to use baking soda when cleaning your teeth you have two options, the first one is buy toothpaste that already contains this product, or the second option is use it directly from the box for a fraction of the cost, according to house cleaning services

Add a half teaspoon to a glass of water. You can use the mixture as an antacid, it help indigestion and neutralizes excess acid. You should limit dosages to those recommended by your doctor and not exceed one dose every two hours. Precautions and advices are on the label of most of the boxes that contain baking soda, there are also warnings about giving to kids and not using baking soda when having an overly full stomach.

Let’s not forget that this white powder is also an essential ingredient for chocolate chip cookies made.

Another advantage of the baking soda is that it makes a powerful end of lease cleaning paste, you can use this paste to make clean and shine all kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Baking soda is also very effective when dealing with unpleasant odors and smell all over the house.

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