The Ultimate Spring Clean

It’s that time of year again… when women and men everywhere don their yellow gloves, get the furniture polish out and give the house a damn good spring clean! It’s not overly fun and there are probably much more exciting things you’d rather be doing, but it’s usually necessary – plus, once it’s done, the satisfaction you feel is immense. So how do you go about undertaking the ultimate spring clean?

Whichever you find the easiest room – perhaps it’s the kitchen, or the bathroom – cleaners Deptford recommend you to start with that. Ease yourself in slowly and pace yourself; you don’t want to be totally out of puff after cleaning just one area. If you do start with the bathroom, tackle the larger bits first; the toilet, bath and tiles (if you have them). These will usually require a heavy-duty bleach or similar cleaning agent, given the mould and limescale that builds up in moist areas.

Moving onto the kitchen may seem silly, as you are heading straight into another chemical-filled situation, but whilst you’ve those cleaning agents out you might as well get everything done. Bleach again works well in kitchens, but be sure to check if your worktops will be stained by it; remember, once bleach is one something, it’s not coming out! Don’t forget to tackle those sneaky areas where dirt gathers – like behind the fridge, under the washing machine and in-between your floor tiles.

Now, the lounge. This will require some serious furniture polish action, as well a meticulous vacuum clean. You may also want to give the windows a good going over; the insides, anyway, with some heavy-duty window cleaner. Be sure to work fast when cleaning the windows, as streaks can form quickly. Cleaners Dollis Hill remind you to dust those niggley areas, like the top of the venetian blinds or along the wooden skirting board.

You’ll probably tackle the bedrooms last, which usually require pretty much the same effort as the lounge. Once finished, simply sit back with a cup of tea (or a gin and tonic!) whilst you admire your hard work. If you put in a bit of effort now, you likely won’t have to attempt another really deep clean for a few months; simply topping up every few months – making it a really worthwhile exercise.

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