The Two Types of Moving Estimates (part 2)

I mentioned in the previous part that when you are about to hire a moving company you should know what you are getting yourself in to. Even if the movers appear to be reputable if not checked you can never know for sure.

Last I mentioned how moving estimates are done, a personal inspection by a representative from the company. If a mover offers to provide you with an estimate without an inspection you should turn them down. That is an indication that the company might be rouge one, which are aim to take your money without offering any service in return.


Getting back at where I last left off, the difference in the two types of moving estimates is slight but significant. Lets start with the binding estimate. When the mover has inspected your household the price which they would offer stays to the end. That is the cost which you will pay if you hire them for the job, no matter the circumstances. In a way that is convenient, you know the cost for the moving process before it has even began. That also is a mental reassurance for many, you might not understand what I mean. Let me give you an example, in high school, when you had a test, didn’t the pressure of not knowing how much you will get consume you ? It’s the same with price, usually the bill comes in the after the services are done.


That is what a non-binding estimate is about, it’s the exact opposite of binding estimate. The price which is first estimated can change based on various variables, such as weight. Lets say that the moving company estimate your price to be 5,000 pounds but due to some necessary moving related services your bill will pop. How much isn’t certain until the mover hands the recipient.


Last note, the better side of a non-binding estimate is that your price can go down the same way as it can go down. Your shipment was estimated to be 5000 pounds, but if you skin it down a little bit it will change. However that is the down side of the binding estimate, the price can’t vary.


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