The Two Types of Moving Estimates (part 1)

You’re about to relocate and everything is in order. You planed the move ahead of time and picked the best possible service. Then why am I even interfering, you have sorted out everything moving related. Ah, yes, now I remember, if you haven’t already signed with the moving company a legal agreement I should advice you to reconsider. Unless you are a hundred percent sure about the organisation you hired keep reading on, because there are some little things that we seem to neglect about movers. Don’t worry, no one is born an expert on each and every issue there is, but we don’t have to suffer, because of it.

By now I presume you would be wondering how fatal can it be to not know. Picture you are standing in front of a waterfall and you want to dive in to it, well would you do it not knowing how deep it is ? Same case, when you are about to hire a moving company you probably checked their reputation, prices, services. Even after that do you believe that you are familiar with each and every detail about them and you know what you’re getting yourself in to.


Enough staling around, let’s get straight to the point, there are two moving estimates, binding and non-binding. Yes, binding, just as a legal contract, but it’s a whole lot different from it.


First for a moving company to provide you with an estimate they would have to come to your house and inspect it. To see how much stuff are you going to relocate, how big of a truck would they need, how much do your stuff weigh and what is the distance of the job. With that they will estimate how difficult your move is and of course how much you will pay for it.


Ask the mover how are they going to estimate your belongings, volume or weight. This is a safety precaution for you to know, because if they are estimating them based on volume there is a small catch to it. The mover can dispatch a truck large enough at first, even if the space isn’t filled they will place your so that it will look that they take the entire volume. In the end you will be charged slightly more or more than first estimated.

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