The Second City – Glasgow’s Imperial Heritage

In the days of the height of the British Empire, Glasgow was famously the “Second City of the Empire”. This title lasted through most of the reins of Queen Victoria and King Edward the 7th, as during this time, Glasgow was the fourth largest city in Europe, after London, Paris and Berlin. At this time in its history, Glasgow became an economic powerhouse of trade and industry.

It has since been downsized and overtaken in the relative world context, with much of its population moved outwards, into the Greater Glasgow Metropolitan Area and to nearby suburban regions. It still remains one of the world’s centres of finance and most liveable cities. From your Scotland country hotel you can visit Glasgow’s historic areas, still wonderfully intact. Take a stroll around the gleaming golden buildings of Glasgow’s West End, over the River Clyde and stop to rest in one of the city’s lush green parks.

In the later years of the British Empire, and with its steady changes and eventually decline, Glasgow was overtaken by English industrial cities such as Manchester and Birmingham, now the second largest city in the UK. Following the war era, a kind of reversal occurred, called post-imperial migration, a period which saw many South Asians, people of African descent and many other ethnic groups journeying to the ‘Mother Land’ and setting up a home there. Partly due to its wide spread reputation around the world and also its economic prominence, many of these new immigrants chose Glasgow as their home.

As a result, Glasgow today is rich with culture, cuisine and arts from around the globe. You can literally taste the multi-cultural magic of Glasgow, with hundreds of excellent Chinese and Indian restaurants just around the corner from your luxury hotel Glasgow.

The racial and religious difficulties entailed were brilliantly depicted in the tough, but heart-warming 2004 film, Ae Fond Kiss, by acclaimed British director Ken Loach. The film follows Casim, from a Muslim family of Pakistani descent, who falls in love with Roisin, a white, Irish Catholic music teacher.

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