The Role of Whey Protein Isolate in Building Healthy Weight

The significance of proteins for people interested in weightlifting and bodybuilding can simply not be overstated. This is why such folks are always on the lookout for the best protein products in the market. So far and into the near future, whey powder protein will continue being the in-thing. Available are several varieties of this powder and these include the concentrates and isolates.

Whey protein isolate is the best form of protein one can buy; in fact it beats hands-down that which is obtained from eggs. On the biological protein value chart eggs have a score of 100, whey concentrate 104, while the whey isolate is at 159. The chart was created back when it was believed that egg protein had the highest protein concentration and thus the score of 100.

The 159 score whey protein isolate boasts of is indicative of it’s very little or zero fats and lactose in comparison to the concentrates. This makes the isolate a very good option for the lactose-intolerant or people who suffer bloating and gas problems. This product is not limited to bodybuilders but can also be used by dieters who are looking to have healthy weights. Most of the whey powder protein products that one will find in the market have a large percentage of concentrates than isolates and this is because the process involved in generating isolates is pretty expensive. The market standards set for a product which is to be defined as a whey protein isolate state that it should contain at least 75% whey protein and as such manufacturers just get to the minimum and fill up the rest with the concentrates.

Any top bodybuilder knows the essence of building muscle and eliminating fat. In light of this, one will simply have to opt for whey protein isolate powders. In buying these products you should always read the labels first. You can consider the following factors to help you obtain a isolate whey powder protein product that is beneficial and which will also give you value for money. These include: a product that has less than 0.5g lactose to make it safe for the lactose-intolerant, zero fat, zero ion exchange, an amino acid to BCAA ratio of around 2:1, gluten-free and easily digestible, and high protein efficiency ratio and protein utilization.

There is a genuine concern as to whether whey powder protein products are suitable as meal replacements. The truth is that the body requires many more nutrients other than protein for normal bodily functions to operate optimally. Whey protein should therefore be consumed as a supplement to supply the inadequate proteins in our normal meals. Male bodybuilders are particularly urged to opt for whey protein isolate instead of soy protein because the latter causes a reduction in testosterone, a very undesirable

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