The Role of GUI in Web and Application Development

GUI has been the cornerstone design (framework) for Web development as a concept to evolve. The very fact that operating systems such as Macintosh and windows, pioneered the usage of a user friendly interface, with more of visuals supported by pointing devices and the keyboard as such; laid the foundation for the windows of the internet to grow with the same meaning and significance.

Why Graphical user interfaces? As humans, the tendency to communicate or connect is better through visuals firstly, the attention catching factor is high, (to sustain the interest of the user) secondly, there is ease of use, as visuals strike a direct communication about what they want to convey, and thirdly, visuals stay on in the memory- for instance, you relate better to a business brand through its logo than the other jargon which pronounces its presence.

Graphical user interface in a combination of visuals threaded with functionality has surpassed its character counterpart in leaps and bounds. Here, the need to recall and type commands is superseded, which makes it very convenient for the user to have a comfortable experience with his/her machine. The need for remembering procedures to trigger an event(be it as simple as opening a folder) does not remain.

With GUI, the user experience is enhanced and enriched spelling a greater desire to interface with the ‘system’ (websites, PCs, gadgets) in operation. And this clearly re emphasizes the vital role of GUI in web and application development. When it comes to developing large scale websites, which are the ‘motors to success’ in today’s internet-driven world, the standards and parameters should be well defined. The back-end functionality, the visuals, the user-friendliness and the content of the site will weave into one single integral substance called “User experience”. As mentioned earlier, websites as nodes of online business, or an online information brochure or a medium of entertainment, get promoted to the top rungs on the base of a rich user experience.

Yes, technology also has an important role to play in it from the background. In the way of picturization, presentation and projection of the content of the site, technology has to be used to its full potential to deliver what the user expects. Only a satisfied user can convert into a seeking customer(even if it is a plain information site), because a websites is the ‘face’ of your organization, the more attractive and user friendly is better for your business prospects. Whereas, a poor user experience (in the way of bad presentation, in coherent functionality, or poor content), will only turn away the user to other avenues. So GUI or graphical user interface will be the basis of hard-core web development enabling technology, the user-friendly way.

From pointing devices such as the mouse, joysticks to touch screens(from gadgets, to the iphones and IPads) GUI has evolved and revolutionized the way people interface with machines, thinning the line between the real and the virtual. The driving force of today’s technologies, the Internet, is spearheaded to “web” every nook and cranny of the globe, through its seamless connectivity. And websites therefore come to the fore, as the first interface to the world wide web, highlighting yet again GUI’s significant role in web and application development.

Operating in the space of web-enabled services is the main feature of PHP web development India, its giving a clear cut picture of the essence of web development. With an experience, our team expertise encompass the global diversity of standards and techniques to “stamp” on its services. Web development is more than aesthetics and content; the core substance of user-experience is web mark. So therefore eager web users who browse through their window of opportunity and navigate with us, to hit the shore, as a customer!

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