The Right Way to Change a Toilet Seat Lid

Most toilet seats consist of seat and lid. Sometimes the seat will become loose. In this case you have to do some adjustments in order to secure it to the toilet again. In other cases the screws which secure the lid become rusty. The only way to change the toilet seat lid is to replace the entire seat. Each home improvement centre offers replaceable toilet seats. They are universal and easy to maintain. Continue reading to find out what you should do when changing a toilet seat lid.

If you are about to change your toilet seat lid, you have several options. The easiest thing is to order a toilet seat, from a shop which offers assembly. Nowadays, more and more companies give their customers plenty of choices. For example, if you do not have free time you can benefit from different services. Ikea services offer pick up, delivery and even assembly. This may be helpful, if you experience troubles assembling some stuff.

The other option is to try to change the toilet seat lid by yourself. Here is what you have to do.

For beginning close the toilet lid in order to access the caps that cover the lid. The caps secure the bolts on the toilet flange between the bowl and the tank. Now you have to pry the caps open with a screwdriver to reveal the heads of the retaining bolts. Use a large flat-head screwdriver to hold the retaining bolt heads. Then turn the retaining nuts below the toilet counterclockwise using adjustable wrench and remove them from the bolts.

At this point you have to lift the existing toilet seat off the toilet. And now it is time to put the new toilet seat over the toilet bow. Make sure to line up the mounting holes with the holes on the toilet.
Insert the new retaining bolts through the toilet seat brackets in order to complete the process. Secure the bolts with the retaining nuts from below. The last step is to close the bracket covers.

If all that seems like a lot of work for you, use help from friends. Or ask, if the company you bought the toilet seat from offers assembling. There are many companies that may help you to assemble things. If you buy furniture from IKEA stores for instance you can book London IKEA services which include not only delivery, but assembling, too.

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