The Right Questions to Ask On Commercial Printing

The right questions to ask your commercial printer are those that answer towards your commercial printing requirements and those that make the process easier for you.

Clients who are ready before they even meet with the printers are normally those that get the best deals because they know in advance if they are getting a bargain or the printers are fooling them.  So to be one of those clients who are ready to get a good deal, research and get a lot of printing rates from (not just one or two) commercial printers.

There will also be common questions your printers are likely to ask you to know your printing requirements, some of them are –

- What print types do you really require? (start from the most important ones down to your out of the box ideas)

- How much do you estimate your print volume will be?

- Will you be changing these prints pretty soon?

Once you have everything thought of and have picked out several printers to meet up with remember to ask your printers several of the questions listed below.  You can also ask your own set just make sure it concludes to your printing goal.

• Do you assist clients when they are having trouble with their designs?

For clients who are new to commercial printing because the only access they have with printing is their home printers, designing will be a tad bit difficult.  Some who are not too artistic or having trouble putting together the colors and lines will need a professional designer to do it for them.  If your printer’s can help you with the designing without having to find an outside designer to do it for you then good for you! It will be cheaper than finding a professional designer who may have a certain affiliation with a particular printer and start forcing you to use their preferred printer.

• Do you give competitive rates or packages? What can you offer me in consideration with my print needs?

All their rates should be very competitive with most of the printers and the only exception to the rule could be those that are in office spaces where rates are really high or their packages have so much stuff included in it that no other printer could offer.

• Can you tell me some of the printing methods you have and which ones could work great with my printing needs?
• Should I need my prints tomorrow or these coming days, will you be able to rush the prints?
Some printers (if not all) will ask for an additional fee for the service but be sure that the price is still reasonable.  Should some printers know your actual print requirement and decline the print job, do not worry, it only means they are professional enough to admit they can’t do it.

• Could I see some of your prints from previous customers?

There answer should be either – of course! Or certainly!  Commercial printers should show their best foot forward and be there to impress.  All prints shown should be perfect or near to it

Always ask commercial printers when you have questions and do not hesitate.  It will be easier with you to go through the commercial printing process when you have the help of your printers.

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