The Quest for Coffee in Perth and Glasgow

In times of recession everyone cuts back on luxuries. Dining and drinking out, foreign holidays, and other less necessary expenses are cut away and meals, holidays at home and nights in with friends as opposed to out at the pub become the norm. However, recent research shows that despite nearly three years of financial cut backs, coffee is still something we are all willing to shell out for. Coffee shops and cafes have proliferated in recent years a good cup of the daily grind is not hard to find. Scotland is no exception and wherever you are visiting, whether it is Perth or Glasgow, you will be certain to find good coffee anywhere from a luxury Perthshire hotel to a budget hostel.

In Perth and Perthshire options for coffee abound. Many coffee shops will also offer a full range of light meals as well and some might also transform in the evenings into a casual wine bar and live music venue. Some good places to try include Braid Coffee Shop which has multiple locations around the area, in addition to Reid’s Cafe, Odesi, and Get Stuffed which are all highly recommended. There are also, of course, the high street options such as Costa, Nero, and Starbucks—while they may not be every person’s ‘cup of tea’ they are also offer consistency of product and are often convenient to find. In Glasgow, the options become limitless: the greater urban density and proliferation of university students, high street areas, and quirky neighbourhood establishments make it an ideal city or sourcing a good cuppa joe. Artisan Roast comes highly recommended not only for superior coffee but for a great chance to learn hands on about the bean and brewing process. Biscuit is both and diner and coffee house and crafts experts drinks, with other equally excellent options at Offshore, Beckhams, and Tinderhouse.

Whether you have cheap digs or staying at a luxury hotel Glasgow, in addition to Perth, and many other Scottish cities, excellent coffee should not be far off. As our answer to recession austerity, coffee is energizing indeed.

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