The Office Preview

When a person decides to put their house up for sale, they would want the deal to be handled by a professional estate agency, preferably an established, reputable company with a large and sufficient number of office and field agents. Once you have chosen the right company by your standards, and if it happens to be a large estate office with many agents working under one roof you may be asked to assist in what’s called an office preview. Your assistance is really brought down to unlocking the door and locking afterwards, but your presence there is likely to be compulsory.

    An office review is basically an ‘altogether look around’ of your property. Large estate companies have many brokers or agents working for them and so a briefing meeting is called once or twice a month so that the agents can get familiar with the new properties up for sale. Most likely they will receive the basic paper-copy information about your house and will mount on a short road trip to visit your house and physically review the place and determine why and how to market the house in the most adequate manner. It is not uncommon for ten of fifteen agents to come for an office review at one time so bear with them and let them do their thing. The industry professionals consider this to be a head-start in selling the property as all agents are now debriefed and familiar with the property at hand. The whole things shouldn’t take more than half hour or so as the agents are quite familiar with the model and layout of most types of houses out there.

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