The Nasty Bulgarian Weather

Most of us may know Bulgaria as a popular tourist destination and it is very beautiful, no doubt about that. So, many of you may have heard about the weather these days there. I recommend to you to be well informed about it, if you intend to visit the country in the next days. Otherwise, you may got really nasty surprised and therefore your whole vacation could be ruined.

Call Bulgaria or go on the internet and learn more about the weather from the past days and also about the forecast for the next week. This will prepare you in the best possible way and will guarantee you that you won’t get surprised by it.

What is the current situation?

Well, in the eastern part of Bulgaria, many cities and villages are under snow. Military forces, fire fighters, workers from the electricity companies make their best to repair the damages caused by the huge storm.

What happened?

In many cities, the wind was the main problem. Its speed was up to 30-40 m/s. Just to help you understand just how strong this is, I can give you an example. Imagine that, you are walking on the street and such wind starts to blow, it will move you. You can hardly walk in such conditions. Huge trees were literally uprooted. Many people stuck in the snow, there was even one man who died, because of the storm. On top of all, this type of weather continued for three days, which, for many people, seamed as too long.

So, now the weather is fine and you will face no difficulties, if you decide to visit the place. However, I recommend to you to make some cheap calls to Bulgaria, in order to learn the forecast and to be prepared just in case something goes wrong.

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