The Mysteries of Scotland

Like many countries, Scotland certainly boasts its fair share of myths and legends! No matter whether you’re visiting one of the towns in the south, or travelling all the way up to the Highlands for remote hotel breaks Scotland features a wealth of curious folklore.

One of the most famous of these myths relates to the water horse, or kelpie. Traditionally described as a horse-like, aquatic creature in Celtic legends, the term water horse has spread, so that it is now used to refer to a wide range of mythical water creatures. Obviously, the best known of these is at Loch Ness. Since the 1930s the world has been seeing unexplainable photographs that seem to depict a long head and neck reaching out of the loch… modern-day visitors can even explore a massive visitor’s centre at Inverness, charting the history of monster sightings in the loch.

There are plenty of other sites with their own water horses however, such as the mysterious creatures that have been sighted at Loch Lomond, and Loch Morar.

Anyone who enjoys a good ghost story is bound to appreciate a visit to Scotland. Perhaps the most famous destination for ghost hunting is the capital city of Edinburgh itself; here you’ll be able to sign up for one of the excellent ghost tours around the city, where a professional guide will talk you through many of the most gruesome details of Edinburgh’s past – including the notorious serial killers, Burke and Hare, who killed a total of seventeen people here in the 18th century.

Another favourite spot for supernatural goings-on is near the royal residence at Balmoral; check into a Balmoral Castle hotel, and you’ll be able to pay a visit to Queen Victoria’s old hunting lodge. This ancient building is said to be haunted by the ghost of an old woman, who walks through the corridors late at night.

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