The Mark of A Good Commercial Printer

Commercial printing is needed everyday which is why a lot of printing companies have been popping around like mushrooms, now how do you detect a really good commercial printer?  Here are a few of her characteristics:

1.  Has a general standard of a good art format
If they can tell everyone what a good format should be, then you know this printer is serious and professional.  They have had all sorts of pain staking design project submissions and learned their lesson and is  now sharing them to you, that is a sign of a good reliable printer.

2.  Assists in the color models
You are likely to create and pick colors from the RGB color model and have no idea on what to do when the printers tell you that you won’t be getting the exact same color you picked out from your program.  Our computer monitors use the RGB color model while our printers use CMYK which changes the available colors greatly.  If your printer can help in matching the color for you or converting your file to CMYK then that printer is a good printer.

3.  Has a specific list of design programs that they suggest for clients to use
If your printers can share with you programs they consider good for making designs, then that is another mark of a great printer.  Printers must be generous with ideas and tips to make your designing easier for you.

4.  Has their own specified and uniformed procedure of art file submission
They should tell you how to pass your art file in a clear and organized manner, most printers use a checklist to make sure you have everything in order before you submit the file.

5. Accepts just about any file format available like Postscript and PDF
If the printers can open just about any file format there is on the planet then that is a definite good sign of a great printer.

6.  Gives all clients the quality prints and services on time all the time
This is obviously a very important factor to consider and the only way to know if this happens is to check with their previous clients on what happened to their prints and how happy they are with the results.

7.  Has a reasonable and flexible price quote
For this day and age, saving is one important factor everyone is trying to do.  Printers that have great rates and can still compete with other printers and still able to use high-grade printing products is a definite good bet.  Their service should be worth the price and even exceed expectations.

8.  Informs the client of the printing process specially for the first timers
Let’s face it, we are looking for printers because we cannot do it ourselves.  We do not have the technology, man power, capacity and know how to do any of it which is why we rely on their expertise to do the work for us.  If the printer is willing to share the entire process to you and explain to you how everything goes about, which areas you need to work on, which areas they can help you with and which areas they will work on is a definite mark of a good and professional printer.   Printers should never be stingy with their knowledge, this will also assure clients that the printers know their craft very well and that they can trust them.

A good commercial printer is hard to pick out if its surrounded by a lot of other printers but setting a certain standard that work for you will help you pick the best commercial printing service provider perfect for you.

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