The Magic City of Jerusalem

Some people imagine the perfect vacation with a five star hotels, sun, beaches, alcohol, discos and many more. However, when you think about visiting Israel, the things are a bit different.

So, in order to make you familiar with Israeli tourism, I will show you the most famous places, the most visited, the one that you should not visit, because of the war and many more things like how to make cheap calls to Israel and how to find the info you need.

Well lets start with the most famous place, the one that was a reason for many wars and many brave men lost their lives because of it. Of course, I am talking about the holy city of Jerusalem. This is the centre for the three biggest religions in the world – Christian, Islam and Jewish. So, it is no wonder then why so many people tried to rule the city. During it’s long history, the city has been besieged more than 20 times and it was capture and recaptured for more than 40 times. In the past even the Knights Templar was ruling the place. After that, they said that they was looking for the holy grail and that they was fighting in the name of Christianity. However, their travels and fights, ended up with big treasures for them and the people who was involved in the whole thing.

After that, the city became part of the Ottoman Empire and till the beginning of the twentieth century it stayed that way. Then, the city became under the rule of the British crown. The last big and important year in the history of the city is 1980. Then it was pronounced the “complete and united” capital of Israel.

So, when you are about to visit this place, you may first call Israel and book a place and then make a small plan about the things you are about to visit. One of them should necessary be the Old city.

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