The London Riots from Different Angle

Where actually is the problem? According many people the main reason for the riots from the last days is the social inequality. However, according many people it is not exactly this way.

I made a small research and what I found out is pretty interesting and I thing worth knowing.

The main reason for the riots according to my friends is not the social irrelevance but the violent core of the people. Most of the people who participate in these protests claim to be wronged but I think they are not. Of course, I will support that statement with some facts.

1. I saw what these people did to a young boy who was injured and laying on the ground- they stole his bag and beat him. Maybe this is the way they express their dissatisfaction but
I think that this was nothing but pure violence and nothing more. They act as professional cleaning services, they take what they see whit one difference, they keep it for themselves.

2. The freedom and justice fighters have no clear massage but they just fire cars and brake windows. This is not the way, if you want to achieve something. I personally think that they are pure criminals and nothing more. To support my words even more I want to remind you the way most of the terrorists do their assaults. They first make a small video with their requirements or with their statement. Here we do not see nothing like that but simple violence.

3. Do you have a clue how these people live? What kind of work they have and why exactly they call themselves victims. I think that most of the people in the UK, who want to work can do it with no problem. I know people from other countries who provide cleaning services and they live a decent live.

So, if you want me to be honest I think that some of the people who we see on the streets are nothing but criminals. I am not politically oriented but what I see is just violence and no massage.

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