The Historical Lock And Key Systems Functions The Same As The Modern Ones

Keys are the instruments that are used to operate locks. A key consists of two parts; a blade and a bow. Keys are an essential part of lock system used to control access into homes, cars, buildings and cabinets. People usually carry around key chains full with keys to their dwellings and automobiles. The history of locks is an interesting one which ranges back to ancient times. In the beginning, locks were made of wood. They were large and crude but their working mechanism is the same of the modern locks of today. With the change in time, metal was adopted to be used in the locks for its durability and strength. As locksmith developed into professionals with their metal workers, they excelled in this field quickly in terms of strength and ornamentation. They were started to be invited to make locks for churches and cathedrals and Kings and most often they were highly elaborated and ornamented with religious themes. For many years, ropes were tied and used as locks to tie up doors. That is why the knotted rope became a symbol of lock but it was obviously an unsafe measure as ropes can be cut easily by blades or any sharpening device.

Romans and Chinese are the first to develop iron and metal locks. Their portability made them a favorable device to carry around. They were operated with keys. Padlocks were used by the same string mechanism used today. They were most often decorated in the shapes of animals or ornamented in detail. The Egyptians also invented mechanical lock devices along with Chinese and Romans. During Gothic era, the designs of locks were influenced by Gothic architecture. They were harmonized with the designs of the buildings but few improvements in the mechanism of system are observed till the 17th century. During 14th and 15th century, the locks became overwhelmingly decorative and production of locks started for gates, cabinets, cupboards and doors. The first all metal lock was made by English craftsmen. New concepts of locking devices were developed in Europe in the 17th century. After that elaborate and exceptional security systems have introduced in the modern lives.

In primitive time, the locks were used for many purposes like for safeguarding objects while travelling, to lock prisoners, to lock castles and treasure chests. It is said that in older times, the keys were hung outside the house with a latchstring which was a welcoming device for the outsiders as pulling it used to open the unlock and open the door. Spain did not trusted keys and locks. They had a watchman standing outside who used keep all the keys with him and open the doors when residents came. Security has always been an important issue during the ancient and modern times alike. Keys and locks are the basic instruments that have been keeping our homes and possessions safe since ancient times. After all the development, the basic mechanism and function of lock remains the same in the modern times.

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