The Geographical Means of Sudan

For most of us today, Sudan is one of the largest countries in Africa. However, the country is only a tiny part of a larger geographical region to the south of Sahara, stretching from Western to Eastern Africa.

The country that we call Sudan today is named after its western part. The name derives from the Arabic bilâd as-sûdân or “land of the Blacks” (an expression denoting West and Central Africa).

The Sudan extends in some 5,000 km in a band several hundred km wide across Africa. It stretches from the border of Senegal, through southern Mali (formerly known as French Sudan when it was a French colony), Burkina Faso, southern Niger and northern Nigeria, southern Chad and the western Darfur region of the present-day Sudan.

In the north of the region lies the Sahel, a more arid Acacia savanna region which in turn borders the Sahara desert to the north, and the Ethiopian Highlands in the east. In the south-west lies the West Sudanian savanna, a wetter, tropical savanna region bordering the tropical forest of West Africa. In the centre is Lake Chad, and the more fertile region around the lake, while to the south of there are the highlands of Cameroon. To the south-east is the East Sudanian savanna, another tropical savanna region, bordering the forest of Central Africa. This gives way further east to the Sudd, an area of tropical wetland fed by the water of the White Nile.

As the name suggests, the Sudan region marks the ethnic boundary between the Hamito-Semitic peoples of North Africa and the Negroid peoples of West and Central Africa. The region is home to more than 60 million people. Though divided into several political entities the people of the Sudan region share similar lifestyles,dictated by the geography of the region.

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