The Future of Ghana

The future of some countries looks better and the future of the others. The reason for that is partly because of luck party because of the culture, partly because of the history of the current country. For example, we can mention Norway. Just 60 years ago, this country was badly developed, it was way from the level of progress achieved in the USA or western Europe. However, when they found that they have oil resources, they managed to take advantage of them in the best possible way, so today, Norway has one of the best life standards in the world.

So, is that possible for other countries? Can we see the same temps of growth in Ghana for example?

Well, if you call Ghana and ask the people there, what do they expect from the future they will give you some positive and optimistic answers. The reason for that is that at the middle of 2007, a major offshore oil supply was found near Ghana. This gave hope to the people who live at this country, that they will become wealthier and their country will start to develop. Till this moment, there are no big signs for such growth.

What might be the reason?

Bad management. If they succeed to manage their oil supplies as good as the Arabs, this can guarantee them a lot of money, especially in a time when the prices of the oil are growing because of the limited quantities of this resource.

If the authorities succeed to do that, maybe less and less people will try to find cheap calls to Ghana, because less people will leave the country in search of better life. On top of that, if you know some facts about this African country, you will find out that such a development is not impossible. Exactly on the contrary. Ghana has well developed education and institutional system. All this makes it one of the most stable countries in the region and therefore a major peacekeeper.

So, what will happen in Ghana, we are about to see.

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