The Drink of the Gods 2

Choosing wine to go with cheese is not hard as you might think. If you are serving several cheese, you also need to serve several wines. There are some classic pairing, of course, like Port wine with Stilton blue cheese. Or you might select wines from the same region of the world as the cheese, like Spanish Rioja with Cabrales cheese. What is most important is that the selection of wines and cheese do not overwhelm each other. A great cheese will make an average wine better, but an average cheese will drag down a great wine. If you have to choose, put your money into getting really good cheese.

Along with your cheese boards and bottles of wine, there are a few other goodies that will make your party table complete. Offer baskets of crusty French bread or plain, flatbread-type crackers are also a good idea. Fruit is another tasty and attractive accompaniment. Fresh apples, pears, plums, and grapes are the obvious choices, but dried fruit, like dates, figs, and prunes are excellent with cheese. Cured olives, such as kalamatas or Nicoise, are also wonderful with the combination of wine and cheese. Marinated mixed olives are often available in cheese stores or in the deli department. Finally, toasted nuts, like almonds, walnuts, or hazelnuts, are ideal with cheese.

Once you have made your selections of cheeses, wines, and accompaniments, relax and enjoy your cheese and wine buffet. You can also make some decorations and make the buffet look attractive.

Unfortunately, no matter how great is the night, wine stains are unavoidable. You will have to deal with a lot of dry or fresh liquid stains, so you need to be prepared in advance. As you all know, wine stains are not one of the easiest to be cleaned. Remember that you should act fast, as soon as you notice the stained area, as recommended by end of lease cleaning Sydney services.

There are a lot of advices and tips that you can take advantage of, you can fine them in home cleaning books and magazines, just look around. It is better to use environmentally friendly products that can be found in every home. After all, you do not want to use harsh, chemical-based cleaning solutions in front of your guest during dinner, as it would not be a great idea to expose anyone to these chemicals if you need to clean something up quickly.

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