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Nothing could be simpler or more elegant that a wine and cheese buffet. All it takes are a few well chosen cheeses and suitable wines. This is good and not so expensive way to impress your important guests or friends. Many good wine stores have cheese counters and a knowledgeable staff to help you, so you can get everything in one stop, and this will save you a lot of time and energy. Larger supermarkets also carry an excellent selection of cheese in their deli departments.

Figure that you will need 100 to 150 grams of cheese per guest. Buy whole cheeses or large pieces for best quality. A balanced variety is the key when selecting cheeses for your party, variety in types and texture, levels of flavour, and milk types.
Do not forget that before that you need to deal with the home cleaning. You cannot invite your guest in dirty and messy home.
You should also make sure you do not over do it. It is less overwhelming to your guests, and more affordable for you, if you buy just four or five nice cheeses to sample.

When presenting your cheese assortment, place cheese on individual cutting boards or large cutting boards, leaving plenty of space between each cheese. Place whole pieces out with knives so guests can cut off slices for themselves. If you slice the cheese first, it will only dry out, this is very important so, keep it in mind. Make sure to label each cheese, too, and possible include a brief description of its flavor. This will be very useful for guests and also will make a good impression. This may cause some stains on your favourite carpet or table cloth, but do not worry if you hire end of lease cleaning services, they will deal with everything.

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