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The Docklands captured the disparities in landscape we were searching for to elucidate the disparities of past and present thematically in the film. The divisions were sharp and ostensible; the difference is incredibly striking in the Docklands between old and new because the old is impoverished and the new is affluent. Moreover, the disparities are said to be the most striking, the most visible in all of Britain. Dilapidated and run-down public housing estates sit next to exclusive, elitist, luxury executive flats. One of the focuses of our film was to stretch, bend, and play with the binaries of life that we are taught, and the Docklands was a germane place to do so. One of the ideas of the film was to set up antitheses and knock them down and the Docklands worked perfectly for that.

The night I returned to the Docklands, and my Docklands hotels, I sat down at the table in my room and mused on how we could best use the Docklands for our film. We opted to make Orpheus a denizen from the old, predominantly poor Docklands and we made Eurydice an heiress who was stationed in the Canary wharf. We wanted to be careful not to add too much schmaltz to the arrangement and declined to push the star-crossed lovers theme too far, in hopes that that would save it from becoming a parody of a parody.

The first night in the Docklands with the cast assembled, I invited the crew and the cast from the various hotels in Docklands to meet at the hotel bar. We discussed the script and the scheduling and we had a party to kick off the beginning of the movie. After our jovial group ate and drank for a few hours, most of us decided to cap the night off going for a stroll around the Docklands. We walked all the way to the Canary Wharf towers and disassembled for the night from there. The Docklands is a wonderfully unique place and we were proud that we were making our movie there.

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