The Difference Between a Soap and a Detergent

Most of the green cleaning recipes contain soap or dish-washing detergent. And here comes the confusion in many of us, what is the difference between them, which one is the better and which is more eco-friendly? A friend of mine, asked me these questions some days ago, and I made a research to give her e proper answer. Ho here are the results of it.

Detergents and soap are definitely not one and the same thing. It is true that both are effective surface active agents, which means washing compound that reacts with water and grease, according to tenancy cleaning.

However, we prepare soap from materials and ingredients found in the nature, around us. On the other hand, detergents are synthetic-based, although there are some natural ingredients. Some of them are harmful for wildlife and fishes, that is why we can say that they are toxic and soap is a better choice when thinking about your health and the environment.

But soap has its disadvantages too. Minerals contained in the water react with those in the soap and this way they leave an insoluble film and also residue, this can turn your white clothes grayish. To compare with, detergents react less with the minerals found in the water and are the best and the most practical choice fore the laundry, unless the water in your town is very soft. Those of you who own houses with hard water in its pipes, already known about this, because of the high level of minerals in it.

If you choose to use detergent to wash your clothes or dishes, or you may use some other eco-friendly recipes for biodegradable soap or detergent, this way you can ensure the least possible damage to the Earth. There are a lot of house-hold ingredients that you can use as all-purpose cleaning solutions. In health store you can see some brands of detergents that are made with eco-materials instead of all the chemical-based cleaning products known to the men, say end of tenancy cleaners services. You can also find vegetable-oil soaps that are shortly call castile soap.

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