The Concept of Home Hygiene

Today, I’m going to discuss the topic of home hygiene. Not how to clean a house or flat, but why a home has to be clean in the first place. Something I learned from a few dedicated professionals from various cleaning SE1 teams, I met not so long ago.

People are cleaning their homes for the wrong reasons, which is why their homes are in a pretty bad state most of the time to begin with. Home owners clean only when there are guests coming over or they can’t find something. I used to belong to this group, but it turns out that you have to view your home as an extension of yourself and your organism. To keep healthy, we ensure that our personal hygiene is impeccable, which should be applied to homes as well. The more germs that a home is allowed to collect, the higher the chances are that you or your family members will become sick.

You need to maintain a strict home hygiene without compromise. Do the obvious. Don’t leave any stain for a day, when you’ll feel like cleaning it, because it might spread germs and bacteria all around the house. Don’t tread inside the house with shoes you’ve been out with. Instead invest in a comfortable pair of slippers, which have never been used on the outside so that there is no outside bacteria to be spread on the carpet. Always wash your hands after returning home, because you will transfer all the microbes you have contacted on the door handles.

Don’t leave dirty or sweaty clothes lying chaotically around the house, but place them in one area designated for this purpose. It might cost you a bit, but you should buy a lidded bin for dirty clothes so that their germs don’t become airborne.

As you can see, there a lot of things that you can do in order to prevent from disease and microbes to spread. Break the chain, using these simple things. Learn the lesson I learned from the excellent cleaning SE1 teams.

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