The Cleaning Power of Borax 2

  • To prepare a highly effective disinfectant you need to combine equal parts of hot water and borax.
  • When cleaning with borax your bathroom will be shine and sanitized all the time. Apply it to a soft cloth or towel or a dampened sponge and then use as you would an ordinary kitchen and bathroom cleaning solvents. It can be used to clean any types of surfaces in the bathroom or kitchen, without the risk of scratching and streaks.

  • Add one quarter cup of borax to your toilet bowl, this way you will deodorize and at the same time clean. Apply the mixture and use the toilet brush to rub gently the toilet bowl, after that allow to stand for at least an hour or, if you can, it is better to leave it overnight. After that all you need to do is to flush with clean water, recommend end of lease cleaning services.
  • Borax is also effective enough to deal with your favourite fine china and glassware as well as pots, pans and bake-ware. Add a half cup to a sink full of water after that wash items well and rinse with clear water. Then you can enjoy to your clean and shine stuff.
  • When it comes the time to deal with the refrigerator you need to prepare a solution. To do this you need to add two teaspoons of borax to one quart of warm water and then use the mixture to clean the inside of the fridge.

Green cleaning is very important when having small children at home, or when you are pregnant. Most of the commercial chemical-based cleaning products contain toxins that are harmful for your and your family’s health, recommend end of lease cleaning Sydney services. You need to keep the air at home clean and fresh, this way your beloved will live in healthy and safe environment.

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