The Calm After the Storm: A day at Thorpe Park and an evening at the hotel spa

So, last Friday me, my friend Alex and his girlfriend Jade decided to book a day’s holiday and head to Thorpe Park for some good, dumb fun. We got there at opening hours, and bearing mind this was a work and school day, it was still pretty packed. So, after some rather unorthodox queuing techniques (and some elbow work), we found ourselves heading through the turnstile and over the bridge with the big Thorpe Park sign over it. Why do Theme Parks always have a lengthy walk from the turnstile and ticket booth area to the actual rides? And why does this walk always involve a long bridge with a big flashing sign and epic music? To get you pumped, of course. But later we were tired and wishing that there was a Thorpe Park hotel.
The couple were quick to agree on my first suggestion of speed walking to the back of the park and going on the big stuff first. So, we went on Colossus, which was actually a lot scarier than it looked. I love rollercoasters but I don’t like ones with copious amounts of loops. Still, being scared is a positive response to a theme park ride, so it did its job in that respect. At this point, I just thought of the spa breaks in England that we had all looked at and considered for a more relaxing way of killing a weekend.
I was hoping that like Alton Towers, there would be a Thorpe Park hotel, but sadly no. Maybe they’ll build one soon, or maybe next time we think about going somewhere we’ll just look at one of the many choices for spa breaks in England.

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