The Calls to Israel Should Increase Their Number

If you look at the most developed countries in the world, you will see that they all have something in common. This what makes them similar is the same thing that caused the Soviet Union to collapse. It is the same thing, with the only difference that the people from the both sides of the iron curtain were using it in completely different way. The main and most important part of the development of one country is the trade. This is what generates income and where the money comes from. If one country try to manufacture everything it needs, this will bring it to a certain crisis. So, the main source of economical strength is the trade with other countries. Manufacturing and exporting more than importing.

So, when one particular country manufactures and exports, this guarantees it solid income and therefore profit.

The second important thing about the profitable sells is the market. For smaller companies, the abroad markets are unreachable without some help. These markets can be found mainly by the government. The keyword here is – communications. A lot of calls should be made and also many hours in negotiating should be spend.

However, for small countries like Israel, which do not have big traditions in manufacturing, this task becomes a bit harder. So, they will have to create a positive and respected name, in first place. Something, which will make the clients call Israel and look for companies there. Such thing was done by the Germans many years ago.

So, if the Jews want to become a bigger factor in the world’s economy, they will need not only good and qualitative products, but also politics and negotiators who will make the clients call Israel.

They will also need good communications infrastructure. Things like cheap mobile calls and affordable international calls. This way the people from all over the world will be able to make cheap calls to Israel and find what they need.

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