The Biggest Dump In The World Is As Large As The USA

It is called The Great Pacific Waste Patch and it is the biggest dump in the world. It is about six times bigger than the whole United Kingdom. The Great Pacific Waste Patch has been formed over the years by the garbage from inland that is gathered by the wind and the rains into the rivers and then released into the ocean. Just over 50 years of garbage condensed by currents in the Pacific Ocean one big gigantic pile of plastic floating underneath the surface of the water.

There is about 75% of it that sinks in the ocean and that we do not see. The pile underneath the surface is about 60 feet deep. 80% of it is deteriorated plastic that forms small particles which animals confuse with plankton. There are about eight times more plastic particles than plankton. Dead seagulls have been found with cigarette lighters and toothbrushes in their stomach. The fish are also eating it. And we are eating the fish. These particles of plastic easily absorb toxins and have one million times more PCB and DDE than usual. The problem is so big that there is absolutely no way to stop it at the moment. Only 5% of the plastic production is actually being recycled every year.

We can pay more attention to what we buy in terms of packaging. And we can select all our trash. We can hire companies the use biodegradable products and do not use disposable tools. If you are looking for cleaners in Melbourne then you should make sure that the domestics are not polluting the environment. It will make a small impact if everyone does it. And of course it is the same for any cleaning services Melbourne or other companies. The pile is growing, we all need to pay attention and stop making it worse.

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