The Big Spring Cleaning

While the daily cleaning routine most housewives have keeps their home clean and tidy on the surface, the big spring cleaning removes all the dust and dirt, that have built up in deeper and hidden parts of the house during the cold winter days.

Yes, spring cleaning sounds as a really difficult duty to deal with, and it definitely is a tough job. Still, the efforts worth it as your home will look clean and tidy, smell fresh and you will feel it as a new one. Of course, spring cleaning is a must in order to keep the environment inside your house healthy, which is really important especially if you have children. So, grab your cleaning supplies, organize your family members and follow the end of tenancy cleaning Hampstead experts’ tips below.

Before starting any spring cleaning chore, have some time to organize and prepare yourself for the big remedy. Free some space to act freely and make a cleaning list of all the tasks and chores that should be done. Then give a certain task to each of your family members depending on their age and abilities. You cannot give your five-year-old child a task which contains scrubbing soap scum and limescale from the bathroom sink.

Next, collect all your cleaning supplies and tools (different kinds of detergents, cloth, scrubbing pads, paper towels etc.) in a bucket. This way you can carry the bucket with you anywhere you go. Just remember one really important rule: never mix any detergent based on bleach with other kind of detergents as this causes chemical reaction which releases poisonous fumes that may cause really serious health issues.

Clean one place at a time. This way is more effective as there is no chance for you to forget to clean any hidden spot of your home. In the meantime, your children may collect dirty clothes and toys while your husband does the laundry.

If your home is not a mansion that has numerous rooms, and bathrooms, and kitchens, and toilets, then you should deal with all the spring cleaning remedy in no more than two days. If it really is a big one, then you probably are not dealing with all the cleaning and maintenance and just call an end of tenancy cleaning Chiswick team to do it for you.

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