The Best Way to Move a Dresser

If you need to move your dresser to another area of your house and you should do it by yourself, there are some tips which may help you. Unfortunately, you will not always have someone nearby to assist you. So, in this article I will present you some techniques and tools which will make the process easier. Additionally, the risk of injuries will be reduced considerably.

When moving a dresser or any other piece of furniture you must be careful not to damage the furniture itself and the surrounding walls of your home. You can start with removing all drawers from the dresser. Obviously when they are removed, the dresser will be lighter to move. Before moving this heavy piece of furniture you should inspect the path from the current location of the dresser to the place you want to move it. Remove any objects that stand on your way in order to simplify the moving process.

Furniture specialists such as Ikea furniture assembly experts¬†advise you to cover the furniture in a large blanket. It will protect your item when you use a furniture dolly. Covering the dresser with a blanket will prevent damages to the walls as well. No matter, how cautious you are when moving the dresser, in some cases you may scratch the walls. That’s why it is so important to cover the dresser with a blanket.

Once your piece of furniture is covered, you can situate it on top of the furniture dolly. Just make sure that the dresser is directly centered on the dolly. If you are about to move up stairs, you can use a two-wheeled dolly. Experts in furniture services such as Ikea assembly workers recommend to use a bungee cord to prevent the dresser from falling down during the moving process. If you need to move the dresser around the same level of the home, you can use furniture sliders which are designed to provide easy moving.
At the end remove the dresser from the dolly or sliders, replace the drawers and you are ready.

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