The Best Suede Sneakers Cleaning Method

It is a fact that the most comfortable type of shoes are the old sneakers. They can be worn with almost everything and in most of the cases. The most common used material for this shoes produce is the suede- it is not expensive, but still really good looking and durable. However, no matter how great is the suede alternative it also requires specific and most of all regular treatment in order to make the sneakers last longer, no matter how often you wear them .
In order to facilitate you in managing such treatment cleaners Bromley provide the following tips on how to properly clean your suede sneakers:
To begin you have to store out a vacuum cleaner with attachment, emery board, suede protectorate, 2 tsp. vinegar, ½ cup water, suede brush and a commercial terrycloth towel. After having everything prepared you may proceed with the actual treatment.
Remove surface dirt. Working with a vacuum cleaner with a small attachment, skim your suede shoes. Let the suction to collect all the dust and dirt build up.
Then brush your shoes with a small-bristled brush. For dirt trapped beneath the suede nap, apply the brush to your shoes using small and short strokes.
Clean the scuff marks up with an emery board by rubbing the board across the grain of the suede. Work in a circular motion to lift the dark marks from your suede shoes and suede sneakers.
Treat the stubborn stains with diluted vinegar. Combine two teaspoons of vinegar with ½ cup of cold water. Submerge the end of a terry cloth towel into the vinegar mixture and dab your shoes with it. Leave the soiled area to dry for about 20 minutes. After that lift the stain up with a suede brush.
Then dry the excess water drops with a towel.
Try to gain the habit to regularly ventilate your sneakers. In that way you will remove all the moisture to prevent mildew stains and odors.
According to cleaning Bromley experts it will be good also to blot the footwear with a terrycloth towel, after wearing them in a rainy day.
Good luck!

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