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Although there are people enjoying the time spent in house cleaning, for most of us cleaning is a tedious chore that takes most of our free time and more importantly wastes money. Because of these reasons, we are ready to do everything just to ease the cleaning process of our homes. So, here are some tips suggested by Clapham cleaners that can help you to safe some time and money on house cleaning:

  • You can use eucalyptus oil for handling the gummy residue left by shop stickers.
  • Probably many of us have tried to get rid of the bad smell from the toilet, but in most cases it has ended with fail. Now, it could sound a little bit strange, but using a match can do wonders. Just light a match and keep it burning for a few seconds and you will convince that the unpleasant smell is gone. Also, you could use a candle instead of a match, but have in mind that this method will not work in large rooms with a smelly carpet.
  • If you break a glass, you don’t have to worry much for this. You can temporarily put the pieces back together by using bread onto the affected area.
  • Cleaning a microwave oven is another thing that could be done with ease. All you need is mixing together a cup of water and four tablespoonfuls of lemon juice. Put the mixture for five minutes into a microwave-safe bowl and wait the steam to condense on the inner walls then just use a soft cloth to wipe the walls.
  • Everybody knows how unpleasant is his hands to smell of garlic. There is an easy solution of this, just rub your hands against stainless steal then wash them with soap and you will see that the smell is gone.

If you notice, there aren’t any toxic chemicals including in the performing process of these tips. So, stick on these advises and you will not only handle the cleaning but will keep the environment healthy. You can always turn to a reputable cleaning company such as Clapham cleaners for more information about the usage of “green” cleaning products and some more tips.

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