The 5 Ultimate Rules for Good Looking Shoes


For some people the look of their shoes is determining. It is what creates impressions, what talks about the person etc. Because of this great significance of the look of the shoes, many people give their best to improve it. In order to see how exactly to achieve as much as possible, here are the top 5 rules to follow for good looking shoes.

1. Maintenance

No matter what you do, try to keep the shoes good looking. This includes many things as careful walking, using different shoes for sport, dancing, for business etc. No matter how comfortable you are in your shoes, do not try to do too many things with them. This will tear them down very quickly. In order to have it all under control, the best to do is to buy different shoes for different occasions.

2. Cleaning

  • Even if you are very careful, this may not be enough. Some cleaning is always needed. Such thing as a “best way to clean your shoes” simply does not exist. Generalising is bad in this situation because of the huge variety of materials and the million and a half different conditions in which your shoes may be. Because that, the cleaning itself should be considered and performed according the current situation. If, for example, you are about to clean black leather shoes, you can do it with a dampen cloth. Some plain water will do the job pretty well and it does not cost a lot. What you have to know here, is that in some towns, the water is “hard” and there is lime stone in it, so you may end up with whiter black leather shoes.
  • If there is mud on the shoes, some scrubbing with a soft bristle brush would do a great job.
  • The training shoes can be washed in a washing machine, so this is also a good alternative if the material allows it. According to professionals like , the effect of such cleaning is great and it saves a lot of time, so it may be a good idea to give it a try.

3. Sweat removing
The shoes, especially the one made of synthetic materials sweat our feet quite a lot. In order to prevent that from happening, some people use special solutions. These absorb the sweat and kill the bad aroma. However, after taking off the shoes, you may put some baking soda in them or a special mould absorber. These can be found in any shoe shop, they are cheap and the effect that they have on shoes is amazing. They become dry and smell better.

Leather Shoes

4. Colouring the shoes
This can be done usually for the leather shoes. Even if we have them scratched, colouring is a great way to improve their look easy and fast.

5. Repair

Depending on the way you walk, your shoes may tear on different place. Some people wear the heel more, other the front parts of the shoe etc. No matter that, you have to repair your shoes or replace them one they are too badly looking.

So, if you want to have nicely looking shoes, if you consider that important, follow these several rules and see the difference.

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