Thailand – The Old City

If you want to go to a place that will impress you and will give you an experience no other place can, you should go to Thailand. This is where you will find most art treasures compared to many of the surrounding countries. The level of tourist service is high, the prices – affordable. So, there should be nothing stopping you to travel and have fun. Just imagine the perfect weekend in this place. You and your friends together, amazing white beaches, palms, transparent water, no big crowds, only you.

However, if you want to feel Thailand in the best way, you should try to visit not only the amazing natural see-sight, but the one created by people. They show how high the imagination and the engineering capabilities of the ancient people were.

So, the one place that I personally find amazing is the old Bangkok. This place captures the imagination and gives idea about the way the people, before us, have lived. It is a 320 acres area where most of the popular buildings in Thailand were rebuild. Some of them are recreated in smaller scale, others are identical copies. Some of the buildings here, can not be seen any more because the originals do not exist and the only chance we have to see them is here in the museum.

So, if you want to visit this amazing museum, call Thailand and book a room. It is situated just next to Bangkok, so you have plenty of opportunities when considering your accommodation. This also means that the travel to this place is very easy and thanks to the good infrastructure Thailand has – Skytrain and glass smooth roads, you will have no difficulties visiting the place.

However, Thailand is a country which is pretty far from the UK, so you may need to call there more than 1 time. This may sounds like not a problem, but if you need to make more than 1 call you will understand the problem this makes at the end of the month, when your phone bill arrive. So, you should find a way to make international calls to Thailand. This will appear to be pretty useful when you start your 10th call and you still cannot find a place to sleep.

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