Tenant charged for blocking loo

A US man has been charged with blocking a sewerage system at his Southington apartment block.
The 44-year-old appeared in court in July in connection with offences regarding the removal of his apartment’s ceiling and damaging pipes, according to the Hartford Courant.
Upon eviction sewage pipes were found open and having flooded the basement floor, after what is believed to have been an attempt by the man to clean up.
Edward Pahde was ordered to leave his apartment 28 Edward Street in August last year when a routine inspection from the landlord revealed a ripped down ceiling, which was all over the floor and rubbish strewn around the property.
A plumber later discovered why the sewage pipes had clogged and this was because paint cans, sticks and siding from the building had been jammed inside.
The cost of repairing the pipes and cleaning the basement alone in move out cleaning services was estimated at US$12,000, but this does not include the money that will have to be spent repairing the ceiling.
Cleaning up fallen ceilings often includes upholstery cleaning because the ceiling would have made a mess of the furniture it was fallen down on.
Help is at hand for anyone wanting to clean stains from fabric. By using a toothbrush with a tiny bit of detergent, you can brush marks out of your linen.
However, if damage is too great and you are looking to replace, ensure the same problem does not happen again, or, such as in this case, evict the tenant.
Damages are expected to rise for Pahde in this case.

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