Take Care of Your Carpets

Many people love the furniture and insulated quality that wall-to-wall carpet gives to the living room. Unfortunately, carpets are one of the biggest collectors of dust and grime which makes them one of the biggest threat for our health.
Vacuuming the carpeting is one of the most important things in the carpet maintenance, so regular vacuuming is a must. If you are a busy working woman and do not have enough time to vacuum the whole room, then at least do the areas that get the most traffic several times a week. Here are some more tips from Carpet Cleaning Islington specialists that will help you to take care of your carpets.
Regular thorough vacuuming is the best ways to preserve the appearance and life of your carpet. Pests like moths, beetles and dust mites are a risk but regular vacuuming prevents the development of the first two and keeps the latter under control. Regular vacuuming means doing the high-traffic areas several times a week and a thorough cleaning once a week. Also you can put furniture rests under the feet of the heavy furniture to protect your carpet from the stains they make. However, if such an indentation happens just put an ice cube on the damaged area and let it melt. Then tease up the fibres gently with a soft brush. Attack the stains right after they happen to prevent any further complications. Quickly blot up the residue with a clean white towel or paper towels and never scrub as you may cause the liquid to soak into the carpet fibres.
Removing some of the most common and stubborn stains like ketchup and wax is not so difficult as many people think. Tomato ketchup stains can be removed with shaving foam. Spray the foam into the stain and wipe away with a damp cloth. The ketchup will come out with the foam. Removing candle wax is also easy – just lay a thick wad or paper towel over the spot and iron. The wax will be absorbed into the towel.
As you see taking care of the lovely floor coverings is not a tough job if you are maintaining their cleanliness regularly. Keep in mind that carpets need to be cleaned by a professional cleaner Kingston at least once a year.

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