Take Advantage of Vinegar 1

The list below shows, however, that vinegar can do much more to us:

Clean the scum and foam from your washing machine once a month by putting a quarter cup of distilled white vinegar with the detergent while doing the laundry. This will leave the washing machine clean and also will leave it smelling fresh for a long time.

To clean the iron deposits of limestone from the iron, pour in the water compartment put a cup of vinegar, set it to steam and iron a cotton cloth, gently, after the vinegar is completely gone repeat the process using water and this way you will effectively clean the sole iron.

Clean a limestone coffee machine, sterilizer for baby bottles instead of water, put white vinegar, let it go through a cycle of boiling water and then put another turn on the device, advices you end of lease cleaning services. For mothers who traditionally boiled bottles on the stove, add to the boiling water a few drops of vinegar, and the lime deposits will disappear.

Remove lime scale from shower-head, to do this you need to put the shower head in a container full with vinegar in order to be fully covered, let it sit for 2-3 hours and after that you will find the shower head shiny and looking like new.

Remove coffee or tea stains from china cups, put vinegar in stained cups and leave them overnight, this way you will clean easily, without any effort, the stains the next morning, recommend you house cleaning Sydney services.

To get rid of odors, you should mix one cup of water with one cup of white distilled vinegar and rinse with the solution, so formed jars or containers, you will remove all unpleasant odors and leave the china clean and shine.

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