Strange Solutions for the Laundry

The washing machine is one of the important devices in the house as it takes care of our clothes, so we learned the tricks to keep it in good condition. But what about the clothes we put in there? What are we supposed to do, when they don’t look the same as we expected? Well, there is a decision to this problem and here it is.

We will share with you some strange solutions you can use in the laundry in order to make your clothes look like new again. I am sure that you know these products as they are used by the domestic cleaners very often. The first one is baking soda and if you soak your white clothes in a gallon of water and a cup of baking soda, you will see how the white will become whiter. There are two more ways to deal with your grey clothes. The first one is using 5 tablets of aspirin in hot water, where you will leave your clothes for an hour. Or you may use a cup of vinegar added to the rinse cycle of the washing machine.

But do not use these ingredients if you want to soak your dark clothes. For these colours you’d better use the following ones. Tea or coffee work great on black clothes, so you can add two cups of one of them in the final cycle instead of the vinegar. In case you have dark clothes but not black, the solution for you is salt or vinegar. The procedure is the same but you have to add salt instead of the coffee. Vinegar works great on denim, and if you put your jeans in a basin with mixture of vinegar and water, they will keep their colour for longer. As you can see, many ingredients used mainly for domestic cleaning purposes, can be used in order to return the good look of your clothes.

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