Start a Sheet-fed Printing business

Are you looking for a small enterprise to start with just an average capital? Why not get into the business of sheet fed printing?Sheet fed printers come in different sizes and you can one that easily fits your budget. You might not even need to make a loan for it. You can easily buy one unit with some savings.

So you might be thinking, what can you print?

1. Personalized stationery and memo pads. You can offer these in different sizes and paper stock. Memo pads are usually printed in regular white paper but there are some people that prefer their personalized stationery to be printed on nice, colorful, thick, or even scented paper. You can glue the memo pads using white glue or you can tie the stationeries together with a ribbon and put them in a box. That will be your packaging.

2. Wedding invitations. These invitations are special and need creativity. You can use your printer to make unique wedding invitations. Your printer can easily process on thick boards needed for invitations. Embellish them with items found in crafts stores.

3. Invitation fliers. There are some people who would rather send out fliers as invitations to an event like a birthday. You can do this on ordinary paper but you can still them in color. You can also accept small orders like 20 pieces because that is how flexible a sheet-fed printer is.

4. Business cards. You can target small business owners, friends with websites, or those that offer special services. You can make creative cards for them. Just invest on those calling card boxes so that when they get their card, you can give it to them in a box.

5. Birth announcements. There are people who would like to announce the birth of their child in order to give to family and friends. These announcement cards can also become keepsakes so they want it to have photos of their child, along with the details of the birth, like date, time, hospital, birth weight, height, hair and eye color, and such other information. You can do a nice layout and print them in color on boards the size of standard photo albums so that they can easily be kept in their existing albums.

6. Thank you cards, greetings cards and postcards. There are just cards for each and every occasion that people have on the calendar. So you have a great market for that. Even if you only cater to friends, you can already have a lot of orders for these kinds of cards. You can also present your postcard designs to post-crossing and philatelic groups because a lot of them prefer those customized postcards. You really have a lot of market in this aspect.

When you are making some money already and your orders are making you sleepless, they you may want to expand your sheet fed printing operations. You can buy another unit so that you can print simultaneously. If you have maybe three units of sheet fed printers, you can already print a lot in a short time. Just make sure that your electrical wirings are installed properly and you have power in that area. Additionally, you may also want to consider buying newer and bigger model for your second and third units because they work faster and more efficient.

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