Stain-removing Formulas

Home cleaning has different variations. For example it could be deep spring cleaning, cleaning certain areas like carpets or different appliances or regular cleaning at the end of the week. Regardless of what you are cleaning, you have to put some effort in order to get good final results.

Removing of stains doesn’t fall in any particular category,early mentioned. Stains could appear on everything, from upholstery and carpets, through clothes to kitchen appliances. In other words stains are inevitable. There are different ways to deal with different type of stains, on different surfaces. Also you can choose to fight them either with home made cleaning solutions, or with the help of commercial compounds. No matter which way you will decide to go, tenacity is one of the decisive factors, that plays major part in home cleaning. If you are consistent enough and clean regularly stains don’t stand a chance. Like we said before, different stains need different approach. Most common stains are from alcohol, acids, blood, ball-point pen ink, bubble gum etc. Items that are frequently on the receiving end are usually different fabrics, carpets and furniture. Now let’s see couple of examples, in order to make it clear. If you spill acid on something you have to act quickly and hurry to soak the area in cold water. Further acid effects are usually neutralized with the help of baking soda and water. After the paste dries simply brush it away. Alcohol has different colours and leaves different coloured stains. Anyhow, the best way to deal with any kind of alcohol stains is soda water. Soak the affected area and mop it up after that, using a sponge. Do all that couple of times if you have to. Ball-point pen ink is another common problem. Removing such stains from fabric could be done with the help of eucalyptus oil. Don’t use that on silk and other delicate type of fabrics. Maybe it’s a good idea to try it first on a small area of the fabric. Ball-point pen ink on the carpet could be treated with a cloth dipped in a mixture of milk and white vinegar, equal parts each. The first thing you got to know, when it comes to blood stains and their removal is never to use hot water. The stain will set, you can be sure of that. So, the first thing you have to do is to run cold water through the affected area. Saliva could break stains down as well. In case the stains has dried, use paste made from borax and water. Smear the area and after few minutes brush it off. Removing blood stains from carpet could be done with the same methods, cold water or borax and water paste.

There are so many different type of stains, you may come across in your home cleaning routine. And the recipes, that could be of some help vary as well. For stubborn stains professional help is a good option. With services like house keeping, end of lease cleaning, dry cleaning, carpet cleaning Melbourne is a rich area of choices. You just have to decide and do it.

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