Spring and Fall Cleaning – A Necessary Tradition

“I’m not big on housework, it seems like such an endless and thankless effort. I’m busy with a lot of other interest and things to do. But I do like my home to be clean, healthy, attractive, welcoming and comfortable. “ Does this sound familiar?

Many housewives keep repeating this as nowadays an ordinary woman has a busy daylife and does not have enough time to maintain her home clean. What she simply does is what it has to be done, which sometimes is not enough. Every person likes his or her home to be clean, neat and attractive and welcoming to his or her guest; to be a comfortable, healthy and a happy place.

Do you remember your mother’s and grandmother’s tradition of spring and fall cleaning? Yes, you remember it as an annoying activity that kills all the fun of these beautiful seasons. Still cleaning your home from top to bottom twice a year is a good thing. Everything gets pulled down, turned around, cleaned, polished and scrubbed and a fresh coat of paint. We all can use a fresh coat of paint from time to time. The best way you find to accomplish all this without causing yourself a lot of fuss, stress and expense is to keep it simple, say end of tenancy cleaning Brent Cross experts. End of tenancy cleaners have an impressive experience in top to bottom cleaning so you can follow their tips when spring or fall cleaning your home.

Since it is autumn now, get rid of the light airy spring colours and change to warmer, cozier shades. Spring or fall cleaning means the whole house, top to bottom so do it in as few moves as possible but do it right.

Begin with a fresh coat of paint. Wash your walls and repaint just to freshen up the place. Unless you are changing colour a single coat of new paint will usually do the trick. In the kitchen or bath, you may want to replace the floor tiles and/or give them a good coat of wax or surface finish. Change your window trimmings to the seasonal colours, warm colours for fall and cool colours for spring.

The same goes for your dining area adding a splash of seasonal colour, table linens that reflect the season or holiday and appropriate centerpieces. Scrub those windows inside and out until they glisten. No spider webs or bug specks here.

Your bedrooms are simply a matter of fresh paint, and new or reused season draperies or other window decorations and seasonal bed coverings, quilts, pillow shams, and throw pillows. Add a couple of accent rugs and change the pictures on the walls, a bouquet of flowers on the dresser and mirrors polished until they sparkle. Done and it is simple as all that.

Many people consider the living room as the most important one when it vomes to spring or fall cleaning. This is the room where you entertain your guest. This is the room where the family gathers for some time together. This room needs to be welcoming, comfortable and friendly. It needs to be an easy room to be in. Hang a couple paintings or photographic images on your walls. They don’t have to be expensive and if you are even halfway good you can do it yourself, a collage of some of your favorite places or scenes always makes for good conversation.

Rearrange your furniture and add a couple or a few pretty throw pillows in seasonal colours, add a nice floral arrangement on your coffee table, candles, and a couple of good books. It all gives your living area that welcoming and friendly feeling and most of this stuff you already have on hand. Change your draperies to reflect the seasonal change in colours and add a sun catcher or two to catch the morning and evening light or just a couple fancy bottles filled with coloured water that the sun’s rays can dance through. They are eye catching and make for good conversation pieces, usually surrounding the history of the bottle and what may have once been in it. Oh, and don’t forget the floors, shampoo the carpets or get them professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaning Croydon company and polish that wood floor. Add a couple of inexpensive area rugs. The area rugs give your room a homey feeling.

Spring and fall cleaning is a necessary tradition and it doesn’t have to be expensive or a lot of major work. Keep it simple, keep it clean and keep it friendly.

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