Some Ways to Prevent Mould Growth

Mould not only an aesthetic problem but it may cause serious health issues as well, especially when there are children in the house. Mildew growth may cause allergies and respiratory problems, that is why preventing mould is way easier than dealing with an already occurred problem.

Main reason for mould and mildew growth is moisture, especially in spaces with no or bad ventilation. If you leave it to spread on a bigger area, it will become more difficult to deal with the damages. Also, if there are allergic people or ones with asthma, there will come really difficult times for them. One more reason for prevention to be a good solution for mould and mildew problem is that the products offered on the market are not effective enough and are expensive. So, here are some tips on how to prevent mould and mildew growth, shared by cleaners Holland Park.

One of the main factors that affect mould and mildew growth is moisture. That is why you should air the rooms in your home regularly to control the levels of moisture in your place. Install a proper ventilation system in the bathroom and toilet, as these rooms are the most threatened. Look for any leaks that may increase the levels of moisture and repair them.

Put a mask on your face and gloves on your hands and take a walk in your home’s deepest and most hidden spaces, especially if you live in a house. Look for any mould and mildew growth and if you notice some, deal with it. Pay special attention to attics and basements. If you notice a bigger area with mould growth, better leave it to specialists like professional cleaners Highgate, as removing such problem is a bit harder and needs special equipment.

Always switch the ventilation on after taking a bath, or if you do not have such, then leave the door open to decrease the moisture levels to normal. Otherwise, mould and mildew will appear almost instantly. Also, wipe the tiles and floors dry, paying special attention to the grouts as they are the most problematic places. Do not forget to wash the bathroom curtain regularly with bleach. If you do not like bleach, then a solution of water, vinegar and tea tree oil will do the job and prevent from future mould growth.

Preventing mould and mildew growth is easier than dealing with it after the happening. If you notice a small spot anywhere, remember that you have to remove it immediately, otherwise it will spread around in no time. One more thing to remember is never to deal with large damaged areas on your own as you probably do not have enough knowledge and proper equipment to get rid of mould and mildew effectively.

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