Some of the Hard to Reach Destinations

Visiting popular destinations like the United States, Europe, South East Asia and even Australia is an achievable task for many people. This is the reason why they have become such popular destinations for tourists and world travellers. There are also other countries and areas of the world where one would not be so easily admitted and allowed to travel freely, these are the so called difficult-to-visit countries where some special conditions will apply. Many people have tried to go and tour such countries, but a valid passport and a ticket is not enough to grant access. Although these destinations may not seem to be worth the while, they can still offer some interesting sites and places to see.

If you are after a more radical destination like the middle east, particularly Libya, you might want to keep your plans to yourself as most people would question your sound judgement and would out right tell you that this is no place to go. In case you have relatives living there and you need to call Libya refer to your phone billing plan before making calls as this would be considered international calling and higher rates will apply. Most Western visitors, regardless of the reason for their travel will not be admitted in the country without a valid Libyan visa. If you will be using the services of a local tour operator, they will assist you with the application and obtaining of the tourist visa. Before you commit to a certain tour operator or travel agent, try and do some research into their company background in order to affirm their credibility and their licensing.

The country itself is indeed in some serious economical, political and military trouble, after all there has been a civil war raging in Libya for the last few years and things aren’t looking too rosy for now. Yet again, many normal people call Libya home and have to deal with the issues of everyday living in such a war torn environment, nevertheless, consider your trip carefully and estimate the risk as this is not your regular tourist destination.

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