Some Basic Facts About Bulgaria

When we talk about the youngest countries in the EU, we should try to be better educated and informed about them. What is their history, what kind of people live there, why they are poorer then us and other important questions, which will help us understand each other.

Let’s take Bulgaria for example. It is a country that many of us, including me, do not know well. We do not know the history, the mentality of the people, the reasons for the current situation. And most importantly, we make nothing to learn more.

So, I made some cheap calls to Bulgaria in order to find some basic info about the country.

Modern Bulgaria, was established by a ruler named Asparuh in 681. His title was khan. However, he was a ingeritor of khan Kubrat, the man who established Great Bulgaria, several years earlier but on a different place.
However, when Aparuh reached Danube, he had to beat the Byzantine army, which he did and made the whole Byzantine empire pay him taxes. Which was unheard till this moment.

The next important ruler of Bulgaria was Boris. He was a great politician, and he made the Bulgarians Christians. His son, Simeon, was one of the greatest among the rulers of Bulgaria. During his rule, Bulgaria became empire and one of the strongest countries in Europe and therefore in the world.

Other interesting ruler of the Bulgarians was Tervel, a man that saved Europe from the Arabs and kept it Christian.

Cyril and Methodius – two brothers, who created the alphabet that is used today by all the Slavs. With a Bulgarian father, they were half Bulgarians and half Greeks.

Today, Bulgaria is a developing country, mostly popular with the wonderful summer and winter resorts. The country is the poorest in the EU but, according the local politics, with great future.

So, if you want to learn more about this country, simply call Bulgaria and make a reservation. You will not regret, I promise you.

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